The Documentation Center of the Territory of Palau was established in May 2000 with the objective of reconstructing through scientific documentation, traditional life of a territory which has inevitably been transformed by recent touristic development. A territory which at a short distance from its city center, hides the tracks of human adventure: the circular indentations in the granite coastline which were used in the pre-Nuragic epoch, the sacred area of Monte S’Aiacciu, the tomb of the giants of Li Mizzani, the nuraghi of Barrabisa and Luchia. Excavations conducted on these sites did not produce artifacts justifying a museum exhibition but the archeological findings, enchantingly imbedded in the environment, allow us to speak of an open air museum. 


Address: Montiggia

Telephone: +39 0789 770822, +39 0789 770886

Property of: Municipality of Palau

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