Palau has a touristic port which is open all year long. It consists of 7 floating docks and 1 cement dock with a capacity of 400 boats, accessible by boats up to 18 meters, with variable depth ranging from 1.5 meters to 4 meters. All services are available.

Touristic Port Administration Office

Address: Darsena Est Porto Turistico, 07020 PALAU (OT)
Tel./fax:+39 0789.708435, +39 335.7700486
communication by radio: 16/09
opening hours from Monday to Saturday: 09.00-13.00/16.00-18.00

For regulations, reservations, fees and any other information, click here


Capacity: 400 boats
Opening hours: continual
Depth slipway: from 1.5 to 4 meters
Maximum boat length allowed: 18 meters
Crosswinds: Tramontane
Repaired from: winds of the IV quadrant
Nearest secure cove: Mezzo Schifo and Le Saline
Floating docks: 7
Cement docks: 1
Sections in cement slipway: 2
Crane: 18 t
Travel-lift: 60 t
Slipway for open transit and for embarkation of passengers is available at the entrance after the green buoy light: 1 Latitude: 41° 10′ 93″ N
Longitude: 9° 23′ 30″ E
Winds: I quadrant
Marine bottom: mud and sand
Depth: 2/4 meters
Radio: vhf channel 09

Rules and Reservations

administrative rules touristic port
technical rules touristic port

port map
mooring request

Reservations open March 1st at 9:00am C.E.T. reservation form


€. 0,11 per meter sq. per day

€. 0,55 per meter sq. per day

€. 1,32 per meter sq. per day

The rates, which include V.A.T. and all taxes, per meter square of water space occupied, are calculated by the surface area occupied in relation to the measurements (length by width) outside the entire unit.

€ 0,10 X S.M per day

Mooring with contract for 12 or 10 month, not including July and August, will have a 30% tariff reduction.


Low Season
November / December / January / February / March / April
€ 0,05 per S.M. per day

Middle Season
May / June / September / October
€ 0,20 per S.M. per day

High Season
July / August
€ 0.50 per S.M. per day

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